DAS Limited Edition Comes Out

Thank for your patience. DAS Limited edition pre-order starts from now. We originally intended to provide this item only to dealers as a sample, but changed the plan to offer the same opportunity to users as well who have waited long, because we have been running behind schedule. Limited edition is the finest version of DAS M4A1’s mass production model. It will have the best quality cannot be achieved in mass production one.

Have you been looking forward to DAS so far? Become our first meaningful partner by getting our first product.

1. Features

  1. A new generation airsoft gun – DAS achieved the mechanical firing control system without electric control. It has the realistic blowback system and the recoil that could not be simulated in existing AEGs till now, and maintains the high shooting performance as well without worrying about temperature and evaporation rate of liquid gas.

  2. The real bolt carrier’s movement - Full sized bolt carrier glides back and forth in the upper receiver, and it generates blowback and a hard recoil kick.

  3. The most realistic replica – Limited edition uses CNC-machined aluminum alloy components in gear box to accomplish precision. Apart from them, most parts inside DAS products will have the same or similar quality with real firearms. But DAS is not compatible with actual rifles.

  4. High shooting accuracy – Under DAS system, the ball is reloaded by blowback before you pull the trigger. On the trigger action, the piston hits the ball immediately. It is reloaded at once by an electronic motor and gears after shooting a ball just like an air-cocking sniper gun, and fires with the best accuracy. The motor already turned to reload. Pull. Fire. No delay.

2. Specification


3. Packaging

Assembly kit (broken down) with color parts. VOD showing how to assemble will be posted on our website (www.gbls.co.kr) and YouTube before we ship item.

4. Order information for Limited edition

  Item  DAS M4A1 Limited edition

  a. A Gun assembled by a DAS developer, Mr. Kim personally.

  b. A Certificate Mr. Kim signed.

  c. The Carved Special Gun serial number (001-300/300) on the lower receiver.

  d. DAS LIMITED EDITION special patch.

  e. 5 more magazines included. (Total 6ea)


  a. A lifetime warranty. (Send broken parts to us first, and then new ones will be shipped.)

  b. Offering free upgraded parts. (Whenever we get improvement in system, upgraded parts will be
      provided for free.)

  c. A privilege of AK series limited edition with 30% of discount.

  Total Q’ty  300 units
  Packaging type  Assembly kit (broken down)
  Date to order  From 9th MAY
  Numbering  In order of payment
  Price(EXW)  Full auto kit : EXW USD 2500 /U,
  Semi auto kit : EXW USD 2700 /U,
  Q’ty / person  Not limited
  Potage  Paid by buyers
  (You can choose couriers. Otherwise, we will arrange)
  Payment terms  T/T or PAYPAL, 100% payment advance.
  Remittance fee  Paid by buyers
  Shipping date  In June

5. How to order Limited edition


I have been playing the game for 25 years. During that time I've became an architect but never lost the passion for the game.
One day, I dawned on me that I have been buying basically the same airsoft guns again and again. All had the similar gear box if not the same. Many manufacturers have made claims that "we are different and our technologies are revolutionary", which turned out to be disappointing most of the time. In my passionate opinion, airsoft is not about just shooting BB pellets at your opponents.